My Dog Too Small for a Dog Sweater

A significant part of pet owners still believes that since the dog as a species began to live on the earth in natural conditions, even today it needs to have a sweater for small dogs or coat to keep warm.

This is a fairly common misconception that does not take into account the fact that a dog spending the main time of day in an apartment in comfortable conditions when it is outdoors at a cool temperature, will freeze in much the same way as a person. Also, in recent years, a large number of new dog breeds have been bred that, due to their constitution and physiological characteristics, should live in a warm environment, and cold temperatures are an exception for them, which must be prepared accordingly.

First of all, many types of dog clothes are designed for such breeds, and especially sweaters, which have recently become more widespread. How to choose a sweater for a dog? A well-knitted sweater for a small dog is a rather expensive thing, and it is necessary to approach its selection carefully so that the purchased item then serves properly for a long period.

When choosing it, you must be guided by the following criteria: You should buy a sweater in a specialized online store. This is because such trading enterprises, valuing their reputation, work only with trusted suppliers, and the products they offer have appropriate quality certificates. Pay attention to the material of the product.

Tips for buying a sweater

When buying a sweater, carefully read the description of the material from which it is made. It should be indicated that it is not toxic and is not capable of causing an allergic reaction in an animal. If there is no such information in the text, then you should refrain from buying a sweater or, at a minimum, get a detailed explanation from the seller of the consultant in this regard.

Evaluate how the mating is done. This is an important point that you need to pay attention to, as coarse-mesh sweaters are more likely to serve as a decoration for a dog, but do not warm it – cold penetrates easily between large cells.

Sweaters of this knitting are also not suitable for long-haired dogs – the hair will be knocked out into the cells, and as a result, the dog will have a very unpresentable appearance. If you are not alien to needlework and know how to handle knitting needles, then you can knit a sweater for your pet yourself.

How to knit a sweater for a dog?

Just say that to do this is not much more difficult than knitting a sweater for a person. To do this, first of all, it is necessary to correctly remove the appropriate sizes: neck circumference, the length along the back, as well as the distance between the legs. In this case, the distance should be taken everywhere with a small margin, so the sweater should sit freely, without hampering the movement of the animal. After the necessary measurements have been taken, it remains to choose the right yarn – and you can proceed. We are sure that you will succeed, and the four-legged friend will be satisfied.