How to Remove the MSASCuiL.exe Virus

Every software on a computer runs because of an executable file. Web browsers, antivirus, media players, games, etc. have their exe files that launch a specific application when launched. Here is more about MSASCuiL.exe.

MSASCuiL.exe – Windows process or spy virus?

Almost every user of the Windows operating system, having looked through the full list of startup components, will find an entry named Security health there, which is loaded with the system each time. A quite pertinent question arises about the importance of this very Security health. This is especially true for those who periodically optimize the startup of their PC to maintain its speed. Security health is part of the Windows defender program, which is an anti-virus built into the system. It appeared for the first time in Windows 7. Its shortcut can be found in the control panel.

If you view the full path of the Security health object, for example, through Ccleaner, you can understand that the MSASCuiL.exe file located in the Program Files\Windows Defender folder is responsible for its operation.

Msascuil.exe is a safe file developed by Microsoft Corporation for Windows 10. The file name stands for the Microsoft Antivirus Center user interface logo. Some malware disguises itself as msascuil.exe. Thus, you should control the msascuil.exe file in your system to make sure it is a threat. It is recommended to use Security Task Manager to check the condition of your computer.

Because of the usefulness and versatility of exe files, they are the easiest tool for cyber fraudsters to deliver viruses/trojans/malware to a computer. Cyber fraudsters create fake .exe files, combine malicious threats into them and distribute them over the Internet on behalf of the genuine application.

MSASCuiL.exe is one such executable file, which currently installs the MSASCuiL virus in computers, and, unfortunately, causes serious damage to the PC. Thus, it is important to remove this virus from the computer.

Malicious effects of MSASCuiL.exe virus on a computer

If your computer is infected with this virus and you do not know the reason, then the symptoms described below will tell you the reason:

  • Slow computer performance
  • Changes your PC’s default security settings
  • Unexplained data loss
  • Frequent computer crashes
  • The application does not work and the program stops working
  • Power rating and spare battery are drastically reduced
  • System files are deleted automatically and accidentally get corrupted
  • Unusual browser activity.

As soon as you see similar symptoms on your computer, you can be sure that this is the work of the MSASCuiL.exe virus. And you need to clear your computer from the hard drive root before the virus can take full control of your computer.

How to get rid of the MSASCuiL.exe virus?

To do this, you will need resources and tools that can attack the vulnerabilities of the virus to protect your computer.

Malware Crusher is one of the best and most used antivirus programs for Windows. It costs almost nothing compared to other security tools and is capable of removing various types of viruses from your device.

The tool has the following abilities:

  • Performs deep scans, detects malware, files, and browser extension on your system.
  • The tool’s Quarantine feature removes all infected files from your computer. In addition, a record of all malware removed is kept.
  • It tirelessly visits all domains, URLs, and web pages to protect your online presence from fraudulent objects.
  • Provides warning and notification of threat detection and blocks malicious ads while browsing. Ultimately prevents redirection to any third-party website.