Virtual data room providers that facilitate secure document exchange between parties

Virtual data rooms have come a long way before becoming popular for companies to manage transactions and store sensitive data. VDRs have become a valuable tool that can be trusted. However, given the number of VDR offerings on the market, not every VDR offers a truly quality service. Thousands of companies worldwide from various industries need a data room because of its security features, and if those features aren’t up to par, you’re in for a disappointment. This article will highlight the VDR providers with the best security features.

What is a virtual data room, and why is it so important to businesses?

Corporate and casual users alike have long been aware of shared cloud storage used to store, transfer, and share documents. Many providers are offering these services. However, they cannot provide your company’s sensitive data with the security it deserves because they do not comply with regulations and strict requirements for storing sensitive data. No one wants to deprive their business of the ability to transfer files quickly and efficiently over the Internet because it maintains high productivity and is much more economical than delivering documents by courier. In the past, the only secure way to store and share documents was in a physical vault. Paper documents were held there, and if partners needed to exchange them, they needed to come to that location, but in the digital age, that method is losing its relevance. Virtual data rooms were created to provide secure document sharing. They are unique tools that meet international security requirements and have all the necessary security measures in place so you can give access to your data to a third party and remain secure in their integrity.

The Most Secure virtual data room providers

A list of the best data rooms for secure file sharing includes:

  • Intralinks

Intralinks has been a trusted virtual data room provider in the market for over ten years. It is designed for large-scale mergers and acquisitions and provides services only for large companies. VDR automates many routine processes, completes tasks accurately and efficiently, and has a responsive support team. In addition, Intralinks has extensive security features and meets the best security standards.

  • iDeals

iDeals provides maximum flexibility and high-end protection for your documents and an intuitive interface. Adapt to your workspace and start your VDR activities in a matter of time. The program can be deployed in any browser and device without installing plug-ins. Easily manage your company’s document workflow because VDR supports more than 25 file types and automates the indexing download process. Administrators can customize access to view, copy, print, upload, and edit a document. Also, iDeals is ISO 27001 certified.

  • Firmex

Firmex is effective document protection and management tool that offers an intelligent interface and support service at all hours of the day or night. It provides an extensive selection of data protection tools and offers benefits such as:

    1. Secure user login and access
    2. Expanded user rights management
    3. Ability to monitor user activity
    4. EthosData

With EthosData, you’ll be able to complete your transactions as quickly and securely as possible. In addition, with the assurance of unwavering protection for your sensitive data, you can focus more on marketing because the provider assigns experts to manage your virtual data room, who constantly help you.

      • DealRoom

DealRoom is a part of secure virtual data room providers with easy navigation that you can use to store and collaborate on your data securely. Control your collaboration functions and file visibility at all times. The space also offers detailed analytics on each user’s behavior within the space.