Art Blogs Worth Your Attention!

In case you are keen on art or looking for some inspiration, art blogs are sure to give you this boost. Today, we’ll discuss the most popular blogs that will jumpstart your imagination, expand your knowledge of art, and tell you more about the best galleries, museums, and exhibitions all across the globe. 

Top four blogs that inspire millions of people

  • Canva is not only a photo editing app. This is a blog for one’s inspiration that is widespread among beginners and professionals. Its mission is to help people build brands and express themselves.
  • Hi-Fructose is another blog dedicated to art that’s worth your attention. It regularly shares new contemporary artworks. Users may find all sorts of paintings, drawings, sketches, sculptures, etc. The posts tell us more about artists and their contributions. There is also information about what pieces are on display and where. For instance, there is a feature covering the former Mary Boone Gallery. The company also has a printed magazine and official accounts on social media.
  • Juxtapoz is a great combination of art, culture, and worldwide art events. It covers several topics including paintings, photography, street art, etc. This blog also promotes new promising artists. So, if you want to pursue this career, make sure to visit this website. 
  • The Zine is more of an online magazine. Created by Artzine, the design platform covers all kinds of content about art. It tells us more about brilliant artists, via interviews and feature pieces. One can easily come across new names and established artists. This space was created to celebrate art, its diversity, and its cultural meaning. 

Each blog is very different from one another. Yet they all aim to bring us closer to art, share inspiration, bring new artists to everyone’s attention, and explain art in simpler words. It’s very easy to follow one or more blogs by subscribing to the newsletter and receiving the news in the email box.  

The best video source for art news and inspiration

In case you prefer to listen to art-related information, TED talks will be the best solution. It has a dedicated section that gathers information and inspiration as well as teaches people about art. Listening and watching Talks about Art, people listen to Ma Yansong, Beau Lotto, Sarah Sze, and many others. They explain things like how we experience time and awe through art, how art is inspired by nature, technology, and many other interesting topics. 

The best sources for art news

In case you look for art news from trusted sources, you might take a closer look at sites like Frieze, Art in America, Artnews, etc. They are the most prominent online magazines (and have printed issues, too) that work with experts and cover art news. These are the places to learn about the upcoming art events in the world and get to know more about specific artists.

Bottom line

All in all, the web is full of beautiful things. One must just learn to find them. Now you know the best blogs and sites that spread art and feature new exhibitions, museums, and art events. They shape our understanding of art and modern trends in this industry. So, keep your hand on the pulse by following one or more sources and get the latest scoop of inspiration and art news.