How to Activate iPhone Easily

You will not be able to use any function until you will not activate iPhone. Its activation method is not difficult but might be you are facing any problem or it’s your very first phone. You do not need to worry, here I shall guide how to activate iPhone.

I am going to tell three different ways with step by step guide. You can activate new or used purchased mobile yourself after reading this ?how to guide’  You can choose anyone that you like. Let’s start!

Methods to Activate New or Used iPhone

Following are the three methods. Take a quick look and then proceed toward reading.

  • Method 1: Active iPhone using Wi-Fi or Cellular Network
  • Method 2: Activate iPhone Using iTunes
  • Method 3: Contact Carrier or Buyer

These are the three possible methods to activate unlocked (used) and contract iPhone. Check out step by step guide of each.

Method 1: How to Activate iPhone Using Wi-Fi or Cellular Connection?

Did you decide to activate the iPhone with method one? See the below steps.

Step 1: First of all, insert the sim card into your newly purchased mobile phone. Usually, the iPhone comes up with an activated sim card if you purchased it from a carrier. Alternatively, insert your sim if you purchased an iPhone without any contract.

Step 2: Power on your mobile phone by pressing the power on button. Now you will be shown many windows and asked to select different options which are necessary for first time setup. Don’t worry, below are those details also.

Step 3: After turning your phone on, you will see a window where you will be asked to select your desired language. Choose your language. You will also be asked about your country and then location services. Provide this data correctly.

Step 4: Now you have to connect your device (mobile) with the Internet. You can use Wi-Fi if you have any alternative you can use Cellular connection for this purpose. For cellular connection data, make sure you have inserted a sim which is active.

Step 5: After connecting with a Wi-Fi or cellular data, it will be automatically run set up and your cell phone will be available for use within seconds.

Additionally, You may also be asked your iPhone ID email and password to proceed. Hopefully, you have successfully activated your phone.  

Method 2: How to Activate iPhone Using iTunes

Activation of the iPhone with iTunes is as easy as one, two , three. Let’s do it.

Step 1: Power on your cell. Select your desired language then select your country.

Step 2: Now you will see the further option which will say to connect with WiFi, cellular connection iTunes. Select iTunes.

Step 3: connect your iPhone with the computer. iTunes application will launch automatically. If you are using it the very first time then a welcome message will appear. Click continue and then get started.

Step 4: Select your location and then click on set up a new iPhone.

Step 5: Provide Apple ID email and password then click on the next button. Here you will see their terms and conditions. Read then and click on agree to button.

Your phone is ready for your use.

Method 3: Contact Carrier or Buyer

Apple ID details are compulsory to Get Start. If you have purchased a second-hand phone then contact the original buyer and ask him for Apple ID login details.

In a case, if the buyer is not reachable then go to provide the Apple ID and then remove the iPhone from ?My Devices?. Now you can use this phone as an owner.

Another problem, if you are watching a message related to inserting sim or sim error then restart the cell. If still facing problem then better to contact with sim carrier.

For any technical issues, you can revisit the buyer. Hopefully, all the how-to methods are useful for you. You are welcomed to ask any sort of relevant question by using the comment option.