Globus VPN Browser

Find out more about globus free vpn browser in our in-depth review. We’ll explain the strengths and weaknesses of this VPN and decide if it’s worth installing on your gadget.

What is a VPN and why is it needed?

Virtual Private Network is a technology that serves to protect the online privacy of the user. This service prevents hackers from penetrating your data and protects it by obfuscating the traffic and locating the user.

VPN is also useful if you encounter restrictions in your country on accessing certain information on the Internet, such as videos or a website. The VPN changes your geographical location, thus allowing you to access information in what appears to be another country.

What else does it have to offer?

  • VPNs encrypt the data you send online

With a connected VPN, no one can find out what you are doing online, including your internet service provider. This method of encryption also becomes particularly useful when it comes to cybercriminals. A VPN hides your data that you leave on various websites. 

It is also common knowledge that wifi hotspots are not secure and there is a high risk that your data will be stolen. But with a VPN connection, even if your personal information gets into the hands of a hacker, it cannot be decrypted.

  • The VPN hides the original IP address 

Various websites identify your location through your IP address. This is the reason why we do not censor the website due to our country’s restrictions. But thanks to the VPN, our localization changes, and websites cannot recognize our real IP address. This way you can access any movie/series/game in the world and work through the internet completely freely.

  • Some VPN services also serve as your antivirus

We all know how it happens. Malicious files infiltrate our system and we find out what happened after it is infected. VPN services with built-in protection will help protect your gadget from viruses by blocking dangerous and suspicious sites in advance. 

Globus VPN Browser review 

Globus VPN Browser – is a new free VPN browser with good security and performance. It is browser-based on Chromium and therefore has a lot in common with other Chromium VPNs, but it also has its features.

Unlike some other VPNs that take a long time to install, change your homepage and load their toolbar, Globus VPN loads almost with a single click and allows you to use its features to their fullest immediately after installation. What are its main options?  

  • The function of the VPN includes an encrypted proxy server that helps you open up access to information blocked in your country 
  • With the installation of this VPN, you also get Tor which will be useful for those who live or at least visit countries with repressive measures of Internet censorship
  • The Globe VPN browser runs simultaneously with your system and does not connect to your browser.
  • The speed of the VPN is also very satisfying and it is much faster than other VPN browsers