Best antivirus for PC

Would you like to secure your personal data? installing antivirus software’s in your computer denotes that you need not to compromise your data and security issues. In order to protect your computer data from online threats and frauds, you will need to install the right software that will cover your needs. As antivirus software’s are critical to your mac or PC, failure to install results in loss of personal information, files as well as cash. In this article, i will give you a review of the best virus protection that leaves you covered. Lets get into nitty gritty of these antivirus protection.

Norton antivirus Norton is viewed as the best brand consumer protection software in relation to its wonderful performance and overall virus protection. It comes along with three packages which caters for the needs of any operating system including windows mac and IOS. You can easily set up Norton antivirus and install. Furthermore, it includes easy-to-use programs while in case of any operating problem, a friendly and assistant customer support is available on demand.
Best antivirus for PC;
Start-ups who need to use a simple antivirus software individuals who require malware protection and full virus for their computers. parents who need to safety features for their families.


easily installed, managed and used Up to 10 machines are licensed Guarantees parental control


Sums all protection and detection rates Integrates whole performance


60-day money back guarantee Average value Simple to use for all users Average reliability Overall featured protection

TotalAV antivirus

This antivirus software protects all virus including Trojan, adware, spyware, and malware. Having emerged as the top notch protection in the industry, TotalAV ranks high as the best easy-to -use software. It comes along with three pricing categories based on the features. This software protection can be used in both mobile devices and desktop.

It is an advanced malware protection Best for speeding resolving speed problems Pinpoints and undo the duplicate files


No feedback from third party
24/7 full support Recommended for PC, Mac android and IOS devices 30 day money back guarantee Firewall protection Safety for site browsers Manages and cleans web browser Enhances best computer performance Uses a paid virtual private network

McAfee antivirus

This antivirus comes along with well priced package which include parental controls, email spam blocking, hacker as well as firewall protection. In addition, it provides social medial link protection.
Best for;
Business and home problems Multiple machines since unlimited devices can be licensed PC optimization
Simple to use, install and control Provides above average protection rates Guarantees complete virus removal
More than one system resources are used Highlights Complete feature protection Simple to use Reliability is above average Has an average value Guarantees 30 day money back
Reason security software
This unique software provides you with strong protection running in the background silently without intervening with your work


Provides microphone and webcam security Tracks guard


Lacks mac version Lacks live chat

Complete featured protection Simplest to use Provides average reliability Best money value 30-day money back guarantee
Virus don’t just come from visiting certain websites as many of us think. You can obtain a virus from visiting your email, web browsing or when inserting a USB into your laptop. Virus protection is a prerequisite for your computer data and files. Having a hundreds of antivirus protection software’s, installing the above antivirus software’s guarantees maximum protection of your computer data.